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Our guiding principle at Fleet Transit, Inc. is simple. If we can't
do everything that we do safely, then we don't do it. It is
important that everyone abides by this principle. At the end of
the day, there is no fixing serious personal injury or worse. The
secret is to prevent the actions that contribute to unsafe working
conditions or activity.

The way we do that at Fleet Transit, Inc. is to make SAFETY our
#1 priority. We believe in treating "near misses" as serious matters.
Our people are trained to record everything that happens that is
not by design. We respond to every "incident", so that our people
know that there is no such thing as a "minor" problem.

We work in an unforgiving environment. Therefore, it is essential
that we live every second with an eye on the safe performance of
our duties. Our monthly safety meetings are always focused on
current happenings and engage our people to ensure that the subject matter "hits home". Our training is second to none and always being refreshed. Whenever there are "near misses" or even actual occurrences within the industry that come close to home, we stop what we are doing to remind our people of what can happen when focus is lost or distractions allowed to enter the workplace.

We believe in the Smith System of Defensive Driving. We have a certified Smith System Trainer employed and each driver receives what we believe to be the best training available today. But is not all about the driving.

Whether preparing for the day ahead by ensuring all required PPE is present, utilizing the time tested methodology identified in The Fleet Way for loading and unloading our trucks, driving defensively and arriving safely at our destinations, ensuring the road worthiness of our equipment by regular safety lane inspections and preventative maintenance programs or anything else that we do; Safety is Job 1.

And finally, we pride ourselves in our relationships with our customers, who are our partners in safety. We openly solicit their input on how we can create a more safe work environment. Because in the end, we know there is no investment we can make more worthwhile than in the safety of our employees, our customers, the public and the environment. We take this responsibility seriously. It is our first priority always.


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