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The Fleet Way

The Fleet Way

The Fleet Way, is more than a slogan. It is who we are. Years of experience, hauling for the biggest and most respected names in the industry have allowed us to take their best practices and combine them into one comprehensive method of doing what we do - THE FLEET WAY.

Our office staff, drivers and mechanics all work together to make sure that your delivery requirements are handled safely, efficiently, timely and professionally. And while this dedication to customer service is shared responsibility, nowhere does The Fleet Way mean more than with our drivers.

So while there are 50 different ways to pre-trip a truck - there is only one (1) Fleet Way. And that is our philosophy for everything we do. Our drivers are trained by Certified Driver Trainers in each aspect of product loading, transport and delivery; to follow "The Fleet Way." The training is thorough, repeated regularly, reinforced routinely and made a part of the culture at Fleet Transit, Inc.

More importantly we are not so enamored with our programs that we are not willing to change them as we evolve. We constantly review our performance and in many ways, are our own worst critics. Because we know that if our standards are even higher than out most demanding customers, we can not help but to succeed.

Our belief that by focusing on the "little things", we can all but eliminate the "big things" has allowed us to ear the respect of our customers in each are of service we provide. So whether delivering dry bulk cement, hot liquid asphalt, or any of the multitudes of petroleum products we transport every single day of the year, our customers know that if they with it done right; Fleet Transit, Inc. is their best choice and their "Best Value Carrier."

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