At Fleet Transit, our top priority is safety. We value the safety of our employees, our customers, and our communities. Our goal is to advance our safety monitoring and evaluation systems so that we may better serve our community, maintain a two-way communication between employees and leadership, and effectively participate in regular safety meetings that focus on maintaining an open dialogue about safety between our drivers and management.

Ensuring safety is always at the forefront of everything we do. We proactively monitor potential hazards, participate in continuous improvement through safety training, and adhere to best practice safety regulations through programs such as CarrierWeb, Lytx, TMW, GeoTabs, GPS tracking, and Eleos.  We take all necessary actions to deserve our motto: “Safety First”.

Our Driver Safety & Support Team has strengthened over the years and improved our programs with high-quality education, transparent communication, and accountability across all departments and leadership. We are passionate and relentless about our safety and work with integrity to safeguard yours.


Being mindful of the environment is a concern for us. We exercise extreme caution during loading, to transport, and delivery. Fleet Transit is conscious of our environmental footprint and believes in the importance of sustainability. We pay close attention to and follow all FMCSA state and federal, EPA, and Department of Transportation regulations. Our efforts can be seen in our lower-emissions tractors, better routing to reduce distance travelled, and preventative methods. We enforce proper safety protocols and PPE through training and retraining our drivers. Our paid safety training program ensures that our drivers learn the importance of proper technique and acquire the skills necessary for safe deliveries.

Additionally, each year we partner up with The Chesapeake Bay Foundation in an ongoing effort to improve the quality of the Chesapeake Bay by supporting habitat restoration and raising public awareness. Through our team’s efforts, we have created new oyster habitats, removed pounds of trash from the Bay and its tributaries, and planted native trees as streamside buffers.