The New 2020 Fleet Mack Trucks Are Here!

Posted by 699userdonte

The new 2020 Mack Trucks have made a great addition to the Fleet Family. Their bold design aerodynamic engineering allows for a more fuel efficient drive. These trucks save on fuel and reduce maintenance costs while at the same time maximizing drive time because they are lighter and more weight conscious making the truck more fuel efficient in accordance with Fleet Transit’s environmental beliefs. Their bold design aerodynamic engineering allows for a more fuel efficient drive. This truck was created with safety in mind.

Some features of the 2020 trucks include:

  • Mack 395HP engine with 1450-1700 Peak RPM
  • mDRIVE 12 SP Overdrive transmission
  • Mack MP7 Powerleash engine brake
  • Built-in black aluminum bug screen behind the grille
  • Mack mDRIVE Premium Gear Shifter and single plated 17” clutch
  • Finish heat shields for the exhaust system have stack and screen covers
  • Tandem rear axles
  • Anti Lock brake system including road stability

Inside, the 2020 Mack Trucks provide a more comfortable ride for the drivers with the driver’s seat specifically designed with comfort in mind. We picked the best seat for our drivers for maximum comfort in every drive.

The cab is equipped with:

  • Mack-Air high back chair with a four chamber air lumbar, bolster, extension
  • Armrests for the driver’s seat
  • Gauges that are shown on the driver information display such as engine oil temperature, transmission oil temperature, exhaust pyrometer, rear air suspension pressure.
  • Dome lamps that are activated by the door and switch as well as automatic windows
  • Backup alarm to assist drivers safely when reversing
  • Steering wheel with two spoke Urethane grip and satin aluminum spokes

Specialty equipment includes:

  • Bendix Fusion 2.0 Collision Warning System on both the front and sides of the truck
  • Bendix Wingman Fusion 2.0 integrates radar, cameras, and braking system data to help drivers detect, avoid potential hazards on the road, alerts the driver if they start to drift, and speeding alerts Emergency braking
  • Adaptive cruise control with an adjustable time gap configuration
  • Blind spot detection alarm and lane support system
  • Built-in steering wheel controls were designed with automotive-inspired controls making for a more easy, safe, and comfortable operation
  • Audio accommodations include AM/FM stereo, CD player/MP3, Weather Band, Bluetooth, Mack Co-Pilot with 5″ full-color digital display, and Telematic Gateway

Diagram drawing of a Mack Truck showing internal parts.

On the exterior of the tractor, features include:

  • Grab handles
  • Heated mirrors that are great for the winter season to defrost and keep ice off
  • LED headlights that increase brightness 66% making them last longer, use less energy, and improve visibility
  • Trailer hookup light with Super-44 LED recessed lighting for night shifts
  • Daytime running lights
  • Painted with Fleet Transit’s signature metallic maroon finish

With the tilt-assisted hood and functional design, our shop servicers are able to access, repair, and replace parts more quickly than before, leading to easier maintenance. From bolts to latches, it’s durable components are crafted from tough, long-lasting materials.

We are excited to serve our customers in our new 2020 Mack trucks and even more excited to hear what our drivers have to say about them!